About me

I have been working as an Equine Dental technician since 2008 and cover Devon and Somerset. I regularly treat a variety of horses for my clients, including racehorses, eventers, polo ponies, hunters, and donkeys. I have a very calm, relaxed manner and do the majority of treatments without the horse needing sedation. My equipment includes specifically designed modern tools to ensure the treatment is comfortable and accurate. I have been trained to a high level in using hand and battery operated equipment. I always use a head torch, full mouth speculum and dental charts are provided for each horse.

For a professional and knowledgeable service or for any questions without obligation please call

01271 328384 or 07723 602055
Email. ruth.squance@hotmail.co.uk

BAEDT member
BSc (Hons) Equine Science
Graduate of American School of Equine Dentistry
Fully insured

Equine Dental: image 1 0f 4 thumb
Equine Dental: image 1 0f 4 thumb
Retained deciduous teeth
Equine Dental: image 1 0f 4 thumb
Step tooth

Why is Equine Dentistry important?

To ensure optimum performance when your horse is ridden and to promote their best physical condition, it is vital that good oral health is maintained. Regular dental examinations are recommended every 6-9 months and will help to prevent more serious dental conditions from developing. It is not necessary to wait for any of the typical warning signs before you book an appointment. If you wait until your horse is losing weight or cannot eat, the dental problems are likely to be more severe in these cases and more difficult to treat and may entail expensive onward referral.

Common dental abnormalities

Hooks and ramps
Sharp enamel points
Wave mouth
Shear mouth
Loose or missing teeth
Diastemata (disease causing spaces between teeth)
Periodontal disease (disease of the tissue surrounding the tooth)

What are the signs that may indicate a dental problem?

Quidding (balls of poorly chewed hay)
Unpleasant smelling mouth
Head tilting/ tossing
Weight loss
Reluctance to eat
Riding problems


Dental examination and treatment £60
Dental examination without treatment £20
Mileage may be charged at a reasonable rate depending on distance


Lady Caroline Wrey
Polo Ponies

Ruth has done my horses' teeth for many years; I would never have anyone else care for their teeth. She is highly professional, punctual, efficient, gentle and caring. The horses could not be in better hands. The horses are calm and peaceful when she is doing the dental procedures. She repeatedly puts herself on re-training programmes to keep up with the latest equine dental science.

Brian Crawford
M.R.C.V.S Veterinary Surgeon

I have sedated many horses for Ruth Squance in preparation for her dental work, have trusted her with my own horses and recommended her to my clients. I am satisfied that she practices Equine Dentistry to a high standard.